Community Connections

Albany Park Community Center (APCC)
Silver Image Creative has provided in-kind graphic design services to this vital non-profit on Chicago's northwest side – the city's most ethnically diverse neighborhood. For five years, Silver Image has worked with APCC staff to produce award-winning annual reports that document the organization's success in providing essential social services to the area's children, adults and seniors.

Chicago Arts Educator Forum (CAEF)
Through our association with Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education, Silver Image designed, developed and maintains the website for CAEF, a grass-roots organization dedicated to providing professional development and networking opportunities to the arts education field.

Japanese American Service Committee (JASC)
To help the JASC fulfill its mission to preserve and raise awareness of Japanese American culture and heritage, Silver Image has provided in-kind services for a number of projects, including designing and developing their website, and designing and producing two exhibits, Origins of Now: ReBuilding Community and Winning the Peace: The Story of Chicagoans in the Military Intelligence Service, 1942-1952.

Professional Connections

Chicago Creative Coalition (C3)
Leah, Michael and David have all served on the Board of this professional communication arts networking and continuing education organization. Membership in C3 allows us to stay current in an ever-shifting field; helping to provide leadership gives us the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way.

Leah and Michael have also served as judges for the Publicity Club of Chicago and the Illinois Park and Recreation Association, and done portfolio reviews for Columbia College and Prairie State College.